Which trance DJs should you be listening to in 2016?


Which DJs should you be looking out for in 2016EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is easily the hottest style of music right now, and it is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

More and more people are checking out EDM festivals than ever before, more and more people are downloading these tracks than ever before, and some of the world greatest DJs are putting out some of the greatest work they never released.

All the same, there are definitely some trance DJs that are head and shoulders above the rest of the pack.

If you’re only going to pay attention to a handful of trance DJs in 2016 (or if you want to make sure that you’re able to check out at least a couple of these artists live in 2016), you’ll want to start with the DJs that we highlight below.

Armin van Buuren

Consistently ranked the number one DJ on the planet, it seems like Armin is always on tour in some crazy exotic locale, bringing his music to his fans and throwing some of the wildest parties at the same time.

This is a man that knows how to use DJ mixers to come out with amazing EDM, and a man that knows EXACTLY how to have a good time. If you’re lucky enough to check out one of the festivals that Armin performs at in 2016 you’re in for a real treat.


Not exactly the newest kid on the block by any stretch of the imagination, this is maybe the one DJ that really brought EDM into the mainstream and is certainly its most recognizable superstar.

A top DJ for years and years now, not only has Tiesto been able to pull down incredible sales numbers with his music, but he’s also been able to sell out entire stadiums, rock parties nonstop, and even open up for the Olympic Games.

You can’t go wrong with a Tiesto show.

Paul Van Dyk

Grammy nominated trance DJ Paul Van Dyk is a major pioneer in the world of the EDM, constantly reinventing his sound while broadening the scope of what trance music has to offer. This is a man that understands exactly what the EDM scene once before they even know they want it, and it’s led to groundbreaking acts and festivals that have changed the landscape of EDM completely.


You’ve never enjoyed everything that a truly visceral EDM Festival has to offer unless you have checked out one of the Deadmau5 shows.

The atmosphere is always over-the-top (so are the costumes and pyrotechnics), but at the core of these shows is some of the best trance and EDM music you’re ever going to hear. These definitely aren’t the least expensive tickets you will come across, but this is the kind of festival that you’ll never forget.

Markus Schulz

Touring all over the United States this summer, Markus is still the “resident” at Amnesia in Ibiza – the biggest global party you’ve ever seen!

Internationally known as THE global DJ, he is a leading force in the world trance and EDM and certainly one of the musical acts that you’re going to want to pay a lot of attention to in 2016 and beyond.

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