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Trance of Chicane

Saltwater is a popular song composed and sung by Chicane. Chicane is a British songwriter, record producer and composer. In the album Saltwater, you can also enjoy Maire Brennan – Irish singer performances. The Saltwater has traces of Theme from Harry Game album (by Clannad). It was a hit album of 1982. It has both newly written lyrics and re-recorded. The album was first launched as a single. The singe track was released in the year 1999. The single track reached the number six position in the United Kingdom Singles chart. Later, the song became famous all over the world and remained as a famous trance track in all the clubs across Europe. The song was used as an advertisement and promotional material in 2003. It was used in Ireland for a national tourist campaign and also used by the Belfast City Council. It was used as an advertisement for promoting the city.

The hunting of voice of Brennan represents the pictures of old-fashioned Irish country landscapes. The albums sound great especially when combined with an ocean imagery and trance beat. The Saltwater continuously maintained the top list under the best trance classic song. The Saltwater by Chicane has received a voting of 8.9 out of 10. The ratings were given by twelve people.

The original name of Chicane is Nicholas Bracegirdle. He was born in Buckinghamshire, England. He is experienced in genres like chill out, ambient, Balearic trance, house, trance and electronica. His occupations include record label owner, remixer, songwriter, record producer, composer, and electronic musician. You can see his expertise when using instruments like classical guitar, piano and synthesizer.

Giants is the fourth studio album by Chicane. It was released in the year 2010. He officially released the album using his Facebook profile. In the same year he released a remix Riley and Durrant. He released the single track on April 25, 2010. Following this, he released a new track called Barefoot. It was added in the website of Chicane.

Paul Mark Oakenfold officially announces and released information about his albums through the Facebook account. The Saltwater is the best of his several albums and remixes. Ensure to listen the track and post your reviews.

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