Fly Away By Vincent de Moor

fly away

Vincent de Moor is a popular Dutch trance artist. He is also referred as VDM, V-Lock, Sidewalk, Raster, Questia, Phocus, Outline, M.Theatre, Gmoork, Flashbang, Fix to Fax, Extract, Emerald, DH Cartel, and Blizz. He was born in Delft, Netherlands. He is popular for trance genre music. Fly Away is one of the popular trance composed by Vincent de Moor. It was a hit of 2001. The Vincent de Moor was popular during the 1990’s period. He performed several great trance tracks. His first album was Fly Away and it was released in 2000. The album occupied the top thirty position the following year in the United Kingdom.

Though there are several progressive and trance artists today, Vincent de Moor remains as a unique and different person. He is not a possessor of vibrant personalties or outspoken kind of person. His private life is not known till date. It was declared by the Wikipedia. He was never even interviewed or given a press interview. He maintained a low profile when it comes to his personal life.

He released several tracks under alias. It includes Take Control, Pick it Up, Do you Feel it, and Enjoy Yourself. His other early launches include Brazillia Carnavelas, Frame of Pleasure and Voice in the Dark as Sidewalk, Exotic Mind and Chinese Juice as Outline, and Het Vliegende Kunstgebit in place of Gmoork.

The Flowtation was a breakthrough track that was released under his own name. It was released in the year 1996. BY 1997, he reached the peak position in the United Kingdon singles chart. He was in the number 54 position. His tracks are available in several versions that also includes remix of 2002 with vocals.

The Fly Away has received six ratings out of ten. The rating were given by three reviewers. If you want to listen to the album, then don’t miss to Google and listen.

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