What Type of Makeup Should You Wear to a Music Festival?

It’s summer and there are a lot of things to do and events to go to, as well as spending some time at the beach or wherever the travel bug takes you. For a lot of people, summer evokes the outdoor entertainment with a lot of other people, like swimming at the beach or attending an outdoor concert or music festival. Wherever you go, you have to make sure that you bring with you the right makeup, as well as a healthy dose of fun.

If you are going to a music festival, remember several things – it will be hot, humid, dusty, and you will be sweating along with thousands of other attendees. You will also find yourself spending a lot of time watching the performers. That means that you will be under the sun during the day, and on until the evening. With that in mind, your makeup should also be able to handle this kind of environment. On another note, you would want to bring with you only the essentials, and not the whole makeup kit composed of evening and day cosmetics.

Here are some tips for wearing makeup to a music festival:

1. Your day makeup is also your evening makeup.

There won’t be time to go back to your trailer, your tent, or your room. You spend the day at the music festival and go party some more after the concerts, if you so wish to. You can only touch up every so often, but you can only do your makeup in the morning, or afternoon, and you might not even be able to touch it up.

2. You need to protect yourself against the sun.

When you step out of your temporary accommodation in the afternoon, the sun is still high up and beating down with its UV heavy rays. You should wear a high-SPF makeup for your face, as well as sun protection spray or lotion. It wouldn’t hurt to spray the sunscreen often.

3. Water proof makeup is the key.

You will not only sweat, you will also get wet. Most music festivals employ humidifying mists to help ensure that attendees do not get heat stroke. Every so often, somebody would be hosing down the attendees if it is a particularly hot day. Make sure you come prepared for all of that. Water proof makeup is vital when attending music fests.

4. Beware of allergens.

In summer, there are more than enough allergens in the environment that you do not need to have them in your makeup. Make sure that you use cosmetics, which do not have any known irritants. Hypoallergenic makeup has been on the market for a long time. One brand, Physician’s Formula started marketing hypoallergenic cosmetics since the 1930s. One of the worst things that can happen is to have an allergic reaction while you are watching a concert. That being said, make sure to invest in the best Physician’s Formula products for your makeup kit.

5. Bring the basics.

There are a lot of things in your makeup kit. You have a blush, bronzer, concealer, highlight and contour, both loose and pressed powder. You also have pencils, and lip makeup. You have eye makeup, including mascara. Will you have the opportunity to wear everything? After giving it some thought, start thinking about the things you don’t need to bring. After coming up with a list, remember that most days, you won’t have the time to take off the makeup when you get back to your trailer, tent or your room. When you finalize the list, you would notice that it is the least that you can bring, and this would give you the most time at the festival.

6. Go natural.

It is almost impossible to go makeup free, however, that is the aim of bringing makeup to an outdoor festival. You want to look natural, and without any makeup. Unless you are goth, you wouldn’t mind running eyeliners. However, for most of us mortals, makeup should not feel like paste or cake, and neither should it start trickling down the face. If your makeup starts wearing off due to the sunscreen spray, then you have to find a better combination. The alternative is to have a thin layer of makeup, or at least the illusion of thin makeup, just to add color to your complexion.

For some, going to a music festival is the highlight of summer. This is where all the summer fun is, and it is quite an adventure. All sorts of people go to concerts where they can let loose and let their hair down. You should try to keep up and not worry about your makeup.

The Amazing Preparation that Goes into Major Music Festivals

music festivalThe amazing preparation that goes into major music festivals would leave a lot of people stunned. Indeed, the members of the grounds crew who make this possible in the first place could be considered the unsung heroes in the background, given the importance of what they do for all of the music fans that are gathering around outside. It is widely known that lots of people are going to just show up sitting on a blanket when they get to the major music festivals, which is why it is so important for the grass to be relatively clean and presentable. The grounds crew and the people who are running and organizing the festival are more than aware of this, and they plan accordingly.

For one thing, there’s a lot of extensive cleaning where the grounds crew make sure that all of the trash and waste has been removed from the outdoor sitting area. Open areas like this tend to attract people who litter. Then, the grounds crew will do some extensive lawn mowing in order to get the grass down to a more manageable size. This means they usually pour over zero turn mower ratings and reviews months before preparation time so they can update their equipment if necessary. Doing this is crucial to ensure their efficiency during the preparation stage because time is of the essence.

Even if the grass was relatively short to begin with, this is one of the most important steps. The grounds crew will water the grass early on, since the water is going to need to evaporate and get absorbed into the soil before the visitors get there, but the grass still needs to look presentable and well-nourished.

The grounds crew is often going to have to deal with acres and acres of land in preparation for a music festival, given the number of people that these can attract. They’re going to have to clean and mow a huge land area in order to make the place suitable. They might even help the organizers with setting up the signs or the right directories around the grounds while they’re at it. However, people would notice right away if they did not perform their other responsibilities.

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What Are the Best Electronic Music festivals in the UK This Summer?

What Are the Best Electronic Music festivals in the UK This Summer

What are the best electronic music festivals in the UK this summer? Anyone that is interested in this type of music should have no problem finding a festival that suits their particular taste, as there are several festivals throughout the country that are held each summer. The overwhelming majority of festivals focus on music such as bass and house, effectively allowing DJs to create some of the most astonishing electronic festivals anywhere in the world. Without a doubt, the ones that exist in the UK are easily capable of rivaling any other electronic music festival, regardless of where it is held.

For starters, there is Groove Loch Ness, a relatively new music festival that is just going on its second year. Despite the fact that it only has one previous festival under its belt, this is an event that focuses heavily on guitars coupled with music that is second to none. In addition, it has a view that most people would die for. The fact that it is held at the famous Loch Ness only serves to increase its level of popularity.

Next, you might choose to attend The Social Festival, a late-summer event that is a combination of house and techno held in the famed countryside of England. Alternatively, you might choose the Eastern Electrics event, an underground bass and house rave held at Hatfield House. If you really want something that is known throughout the world, consider visiting Electric Daisy UK. That’s right, the same Electric Daisy event that is held in Las Vegas is also held in the UK at the Milton Keynes Bowl. The things that make it special are spectacular staging and lots of acts to choose from.

Last but certainly not least, is Creamfields. This is easily the oldest event in the country and it is also considered by almost everyone to be the most prestigious electronic music festival in existence. There are literally hundreds of artists to perform there every year so if you are interested in hearing the best music and seeing the best artists around, consider making the trip to Daresbury for Creamfields this summer.

You see, there are dozens of EDM festivals in the UK to choose from, all of which are certainly top notch. So it shouldn’t be as hard as say, choosing the right appliances for your home. For that you would need help from websites like BestSpy so you can read reviews that can help you come to the right decision.

Why Trance Music is the Best for Working Out To

Why Trance Music is the Best for Working Out ToTaste is subjective. However, a lot of people do believe that trance music is the best choice during workouts. If you want to find great music to listen to while you exercise, learning about what trance is and how it promotes a positive experience during workouts will be helpful.

We’re here to share some facts about this exciting and ultra-modern form of music.

What is Trance Music?

This type of music is electronic and it was first created in Germany during the 90s. When you listen to real trance music, it will feature a tempo which ranges between one hundred and twenty-five and one hundred and fifty beats per minute. In addition, you’ll find that parts of the songs repeat quite often, with a mind to building tension.

Each song will usually have a couple of repetitive “peaks”. While trance is a distinct style of music, it has things in common with other forms of music, such as house music, techno music and classical music. Trance is quite ambient and it’s perfect for chilling out. However, since it helps the body and mind to focus, it’s also a great choice for workouts.

Since a non-music trance is all about elevated consciousness, this music got its name because it helps to produce a trance state. This means that the music has a hypnotic element. If you want music which helps you to concentrate on exercise and get better results from exercise, you may find that trance music helps you to push through plateaus.

Choose from instrumental trance or trance with vocals in order to get the effect that you want. One smart option is to create a playlist which includes both types of trance tracks. There are thousands to choose from. It’s possible to find tips on what is great by looking up trance music at YouTube or visiting message boards where trance music fans meet in order to talk about this genre of music.

How to Work out With Trance Music

Trance music may be put on a stereo at home, if you’re into mood music while you workout on your weight bench. However, you may also listen to it via earbuds which are attached to your smart phone. This means that you can take trance wherever you want exercise, from a run along a local road to a gym or what have you.

Workouts vary a lot in terms of type and variety. While you may wish to change it up once in a while, you’ll find that trance music is an exceptional choice for an array of exercise styles, from Pilates to Yoga to running and beyond. It may not be right for team sports, though, as it’s designed to focus the mind inward and create a hypnotic effect.

Now that you know more about why trance music is such a great choice for exercise, you’ll be ready to move forward and make the most of your workouts. You may find yourself turning to trance at other times, as it’s such an appealing genre and it’s great as background music for dates, while you read and relax or as you take care of housework at home.

You’ll Love Listening to Trance

Once you’ve discovered the hottest trance artists, be sure to share their great tunes with your friends and family via social media. You should also be able to share your workout playlists if you want to – there are lots of interfaces which allow users to share their playlists with others via the world’s most popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

So, why not make a great playlist for workouts today?

Going to the SW4 Festival? Read this for tips on the best way to recovery after a day of partying!

After a Long night at London’s SW4 Festival, What’s the Best Way to Recover?

sw4The SW4 festival is a London music festival and it offers so much energy, talent and excitement to attendees. However, since it’s often a wild weekend, those who attend need to plan on resting up when they get home. The best way to ensure total recovery from this fun special event is to spend some time resting.

The key to accessing deep and healing rest is sleeping on a high-quality mattress, such as a design which features memory foam. The more supportive and comfortable a mattress is, the better, and most people don’t realize just how important it is to sleep on a good latex mattress.

Create Good Bedtime Habits

So, try to avoid dozing on your couch after the festival, while Netflix plays in the background. Instead, create healthy bedtime rituals, such as having a cup of soothing Chamomile Tea and then putting on some nice, clean pajamas. Unplug all of your electronic toys at least an hour before you go to bed. When we look at display screens before bed, it interrupts our brain patterns and makes it harder to accessing the deep sleep that we need.

It’s smart to make your bedroom a no-electronics zone. At the least, you should shut off all display screens and multimedia devices an hour or two before you retire. As well, make sure that you’re sleeping on clean sheets and that the room is at an optimal temperature.

Proper nutrition after the festival will also be important and promote better rest. If you drank during the festival, and this is quite common, you’ll likely be rather dehydrated when you get home. The key to boosting fluid levels in your body and restoring good health is drinking lots of pure water or herbal tea.

Avoid having too much coffee, as coffee contributes to dehydration. Instead, focus on tea or water and be sure to eat some healthy food, such as an organic salad or lean protein and vegetables. A good yogurt with a probiotic will help you to fight any tummy upset which is triggered by eating fast food during SW4.

It’s all about restoring balance with rest on a great mattress, hydrating your body and making sure that it gets the vital nutrients that it needs. While it may take a few days to feel completely rested, especially if you slept very little and partied during the festival, you’ll eventually feel like your old self again.

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My Religion Trance by the Pulser


Trance music is highly popular now only in recent year but since last two decades. It is a complex combination between classical music, house and techno. The serious variation break downs and build up and the listeners may experience as they are experiencing emotional rollercoaster. The trance music genre is said to have fast BPM (beat per minute). It is the fast beats that makes the music intense. The majority of trance concerts are held up in dark settings where there will be flashing of laser lights and strobe along with intense bass. The listeners will be taken to the state of Euphoria due to the amalgamation of heavy vibration through the base, fast changing light and rapid beat per minute during the music show. Let us review one such trance track that revolutionized the entire world.

My Religion is a popular classical trance track by Andrew Edward Perring. He is a popular trance remixer, DJ and producer from the United Kingdom. He is presently residing in the Riga, Latvia. He has been residing there since 2009. His aliases are L.T.S, The Trinity Project, Luminal (2), Ija, Astral Effection, and Andy Perring. He made a live music group named The Olmec Heads along with his friends.

Pulser was the name he adopted at later period. He made a great impact whenever he presents on the Trance scene. My Religion was launched in the year 2003. It is one of the best albums played by him. It is highly popular all over the world. It is the popular singles of 2003.

It is said that My religion is the anthem of Godskitchen Global Gathering. It was released under the new label of Godskitchen. He carved a name for himself in the trance music world through several single tracks and music scores. If you have not listened to his track still, then check out immediately.