After a Long night at London’s SW4 Festival, What’s the Best Way to Recover?

sw4The SW4 festival is a London music festival and it offers so much energy, talent and excitement to attendees. However, since it’s often a wild weekend, those who attend need to plan on resting up when they get home. The best way to ensure total recovery from this fun special event is to spend some time resting.

The key to accessing deep and healing rest is sleeping on a high-quality mattress, such as a design which features memory foam. The more supportive and comfortable a mattress is, the better, and most people don’t realize just how important it is to sleep on a good latex mattress.

Create Good Bedtime Habits

So, try to avoid dozing on your couch after the festival, while Netflix plays in the background. Instead, create healthy bedtime rituals, such as having a cup of soothing Chamomile Tea and then putting on some nice, clean pajamas. Unplug all of your electronic toys at least an hour before you go to bed. When we look at display screens before bed, it interrupts our brain patterns and makes it harder to accessing the deep sleep that we need.

It’s smart to make your bedroom a no-electronics zone. At the least, you should shut off all display screens and multimedia devices an hour or two before you retire. As well, make sure that you’re sleeping on clean sheets and that the room is at an optimal temperature.

Proper nutrition after the festival will also be important and promote better rest. If you drank during the festival, and this is quite common, you’ll likely be rather dehydrated when you get home. The key to boosting fluid levels in your body and restoring good health is drinking lots of pure water or herbal tea.

Avoid having too much coffee, as coffee contributes to dehydration. Instead, focus on tea or water and be sure to eat some healthy food, such as an organic salad or lean protein and vegetables. A good yogurt with a probiotic will help you to fight any tummy upset which is triggered by eating fast food during SW4.

It’s all about restoring balance with rest on a great mattress, hydrating your body and making sure that it gets the vital nutrients that it needs. While it may take a few days to feel completely rested, especially if you slept very little and partied during the festival, you’ll eventually feel like your old self again.

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