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Umboza cover art

I've not got a great deal of information on Umboza, apart from that they are Stuart Crichton and Michael Kilkie. A Whirly fave that's still being played regularly is 'Cry India', released on 12" and cd single in '95 on Positiva/Limbo Records. Both the 'Ark Anthem' and 'Tall Paul Remix' are great tracks, and are very typical of Whirl-Y-Gig. The only other release by Umboza that I know of is the '96 single 'Sunshine', which is no-where as near as good as 'Cry India'.

Union Jack
Union Jack cover art

Union Jack are Simon Berry and Claudio Giussani, and have been responsible for producing a number of trance classics on the Platipus record label such as the '93 seminal hit 2 Full Moons and a Trout (also 12" / CD single on Rising High Records : 1994). Their debut album, 'There Will Be No Armageddon', which also features the14" mix of 2 Full Moons..., is a mixed bag of faster paced trance such as Red Herring and slower paced ambient trance such as the soothing Water Drums. The CD single of Red Herring (12" / CD single on Rising High Records : 1995) also features a superb remix of 2 Full Moons and a Trout by Casper Pound, which was also re-released as a 12" on Platipus in '98. A Recent '98 release from Union Jack was the hard trance Cockroach / Yeti.

Voice of Africa
Voice of Africa cover art

An old Balaeric clasic that used to be played in the Shoreditch days was 'Hoomba Hoomba' by Voice of Africa. To my knowledge it was only released on vinyl, but it also featured on the compilation 'Spititually Ibiza II'.


German duo DJ Dag and Stevie Be Zet are the Volunteers, with the track Sundown being their only release under this name. Released as a 12"/cd single on EyeQ Records around '93, although its probably easier to find on the excellent EyeQ compilation 'Behind the Eye Vol 1' or on the 'EyeQ Classics : The Very Best of Behind the Eye'. Its typical uplifting German style trance, and an essential purchase.

Whirl-Y-Waves cover art

Whirl-Y-Gig's very own compilation album that was eons in the making. It's a superb double CD compilation, featuring some of the very best oldie Whirly tunes. The first CD is more upbeat, featuring trance faves played at Whirl-Y-Gig over the last few years, most of which are either very rare or exclusive to this CD. The usual big names that have played live at Whirl-Y-Gig in the past feature here, although there is a notable absence of Moodswings. Two familiar tracks receive subtle reworkings, namely Banco-de-Gaia's Amber and Azukx's Lift, whilst Astralasia's Hashishin gets a stomping makeover courtesy of Monkey Pilot. Transglobal Underground provide one of their better tracks in the shape of Mambo On. The two gems on this disc have got to be Sali Sidibe's Transistory World, a track which sums up Whirl-Y-Gig to a tee, and Joi's Fulfillment in Dub, which is one of the very few Joi tracks to actually make it onto cd (and, naturally, is wicked!). The second disc slows the pace right down, featuring six ambient long players that have previously been used for the "Parachute Dance". The one to watch out for here is Aura's Starseed which, at twenty minutes long (!), is a simple looping track that gradually builds from a few squelches into something very beautiful. Soothing synths, hushed sampled voices and chants add to this gentle track, which is perfect for the early hours of the morning after a night out. Whirl-Y-Waves Vol.2 'Global Grooves' is to be released in October 2000 following a limited edition pre-release at the Reading WOMAD festival July 2000.


'On The Run', from the 'Baby' album on Mercury records, was a quality tribal number with a really silly edge to it. Used to prompt lots of silly dancing when MP used play it, which he did a lot in the early days. Thanks to Jonathan Edwards for this information.

Youssou 'N Dour
Youssou 'N Dour cover art

Youssou N'Dour is one of Africa's most important performers. His music has reached a world wide audience through collaborations with artists like Peter Gabriel, Neneh Cherry, and Branford Marsalis. He started performing at a very early age and is always experimenting with new sounds based on traditional Sénégalese musical styles. With his complex rhythms and soaring vocals, Youssou's music breaks down all language and cultural barriers. To quote the liner notes from "Set", his music will make you think globally as you dance locally. Peter Gabriel has described Youssou's voice as one of the finest in the world. He has an amazing 4-5 octave range and sings in English, French, Fulani, and Serer as well as his native Wolof. Oldie Whirly fave is the Deep Forest dance remix of Undecided, which is a 12"/cd single ('94) and also features on the album 'Guide (Wommat)'.

Underworld cover art

They were originally called 'Freur', consisting of Karl Hyde and Rick Smith. Recruiting DJ Darren Emerson, they became Underworld. After the excellent 'Dubnobasswithmyheadman' album and the follow up album 'Second Toughest in the Infants' they could do no wrong, although they are probably known best for their chart hitting Born Slippy.Nuxx, thanks to the film Trainspotting. Old Whirly faves include Cowgirl (from the album 'Dubnobass...' and also the 'Dirty Epic' EP) and the hypnotising anthem Rez (also on the 'Dirty Epic' EP and as a 12").

UVX cover art

UVX stands for Ultra-Violet eXplorer, named after the European Space Agency satellite. It is the on going project of dance music producer PIN, working in collaboration with musicians Tim Norman and Luke Boucher, a group that have been producing dance and ambient dance music since '94 on the Magick Eye record label. UVX is a fundamentally experimental collective, now based in studios in Brighton following relocation from Brixton, South London. Basing their attitude to music production on sampling technology and the dance rhythms of the world, UVX seek to challenge the consciousness of the 90's in both their recorded output and their live club work. Their debut album Double Helix was a very ambient affair, with notable tracks including Myalman and Elevator (also a CD single which has been long deleted, although look out for the trancefloor remix of this track on the Magick Eye compilation album 'Visitation'). Their second album, 'Rays' ('95) shows advances in their music with a much wider diversity in styles. 'Rays' explores the depths of dub (Bug Dub), house (Party State), trance and techno.....very brave, but it works! The classic Whirl-Y-Gig tune African Sun is here in its full cheesy glory, whisking you away to tropical islands full of grass skirts and steel drums. A wonderful track that has more cheese than your average dairy and can also be found on the Magick Eye compilation album 'Visitation' and on the 'Whirl-Y-Waves' Compilation.

Vangelis cover art

Vangelis (real name Evanghelos Odyssey Papathanassiou) hardly needs any introduction. His mission has been to explore sound through electronics and push back the bounds of musical knowledge, resulting in an Oscar winning score for Chariots of Fire, sound-tracks for the films Blade Runner, Bitter Moon, Antarctica and 1492 - Conquest of Paradise. He has a breathtaking total of over 35 albums to his name, such as Heaven and Hell, Albedo 0. 39, Direct, The City, Voices and Oceanic. At Whirl-Y-Gig a remix of 1492 - Conquest of Paradise by Trance Opera recently got played a bit, and apparently the track Glorianna (Hymn A La Femme) (on the album 'Direct') has also been played.

World of Twist
World of Twist cover art

Shes a Rainbow was originally written by Keith Richards and Mick Jagger (RollingStones). India group World of Twist then hijacked this track and got Fluke to do a spot of remix work on it; the result was a superb, uplifting, catchy summery tune that used to be played at Whirl-Y-Gig a lot at Shoreditch. Released as a 12" and CD single on Circa Records ('92).

Wubble-U cover art

Petal is a current Whirly track played regularly at the Camden Center. A wonderful combination of funky big beat with soothing vocals, Hammond organs and the unmistakable spoken vocals of Professor Stanley Unwin stating that "its difficult these days to get good grass".

Xangbetos cover art

Formed by Bollywood band producer Joe Sax, the groups line-up also includes South African vocalist Doreen Thebokile Webster, beat poet and percussionist Neil Sparkes (from Transglobal Underground), Mick Bevan and Hamilee. They made their Whirl-Y-Gig debut on the dome stage at WOMAD '98. A typical African influenced Whirly track is 'Clicksong', which features on the '97 'Size of an Elephant" EP on Nation Records.

Zion Train
Zion Train cover art

Zion Train formed in 1990. The acid dub and raggae fussionists have released six albums to date and have collaborated with the likes of Dreadzone, The Shamen, Salt Tank, Knights Of The Occasional Table, Loop Guru, Spiral Tribe and Dub Tribe. They performed live at Whirl-Y-Gig at the New Years Eve 2000/01 and on the April 1st Global Implossion 2000. Whirly classics include 'King of the Sounds and Blues' and 'Movement of the People'.

Zohar cover art

The fusion of ancient & contemporary worlds uncovering hidden meanings behind the world of appearances. Zohar made their Whirl-Y-Gig debut at the Reading WOMAD festival in July 2000.

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