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Carlos Bertone
Carlos Bertone cover art

'Kenya' is an uplifting 4/4 global dance gem that fuses funky guitar riffs with the same tribal vocal chant found in the early 90's classic 'Cry Freedom' by Mombassa, which became an overnight classic when first played at Whirly in April 2004.

Chicco cover art

Sello 'Chicco' Twala, who recorded the classic 'Umbala Ma G-String', has also produced a range of albums under the guise of Chicco. 'Modjadji (The African Dub)' is a classic African dance track played regularly at Whirly. Taken from the 1995 album of the same name [Gallo Music CDRBL228], it also features on the Afrodigital compilation.

Cisko Brothers
Cisko Brothers cover art

A classic trance track from '98 is Guaglinoe by the Cisko Brothers. The CD single, released in Australia (and elsewhere probably!) features some superb remixes that are typically Whirl-Y-Gig.

Club Fiesta
Club Fiesta cover art

The Knee Deep Bros Mix of 'La Fiesta' is a Latino House tune from 2001 that featured regularly on the Whirly playlist.

Continuo cover art

Continuo is the brainchild of the classically trained musician-arranger Victor Friedberg and producer Garry Huhes. 'Meditations on Pachelbel's Canon' is a stylish re-working of the classical piece 'Canon in D Major' by Johann Pachelbel. The production is of exceptional taste, such that the boundaries between classical music and electronica are gently errased. This was used as a parachute track during 2001.

Cosmic Voyage
Cosmic Voyage photo

Psychedelic Drum & Bass? Rolling Ambience? How can you start to describe Cosmic Voyage? Tranced out, trippy shit, with beats, is a reoccurring theme that has followed the Cosmic Pilot around for most of his life. Early years spent around the original Free Festivals, promoting and playing spacey gigs, Environmental Campaigning and alternative lifestyles have given Cosmic Pilot a wide variety of musical influences. Parachute track 'Acid Radio' is a Whirly fave.

D-code cover art

The Lionrock Dub mix of D-Codes Odysee has been a favourite at Whirl-Y-Gig for many years. Available as a single and on the Reactivate 7 compilation.

Dajango cover art

Head straight for the Dub Mix of 'Baila Chica Baila', a global trance gem played regularly at Whirly since 2000. The Spanish lyrics "Baila Baila Me" combine with happy-house style piano chords, flamenco hand claps and a very bouncy percussion fuelled base line; all the ingredients for a typical tune on the Whirl-Y-Gig play list!

Afro Dance & Afromania cover art

A classic Whirly track over the last couple of years has been Big Nation (Native Mix) by Dijibooti. Its a really uplifting tribaly track with a deep male vocal of 'Big Nation' in it. Its a bit of a rarity and only featured on a few German compilations, one of which is 'The World of Afro Dance'. Another rare Djibooti track played at Whirly is 'Haila Hypno', which features on the Afromania Vol.9 compilation.

Dr Alban
Dr Alban cover art

The European pop humanitarian Dr. Alban doctors up a unique blend of African beats, dancefloor energy, and universal peace, packed with vibes from his Nigerian homeland, South African politics, his current home in Sweden, and of course, the world of eurodisco. Whirly faves include Hello Africa, Stop the Pollution and U + Mi.

Dr Didg
Dr Didg cover art

Dr. Didg, a UK based trio led by Dr. Graham Wiggins (who holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Oxford), are so called after a nickname Graham gained while testing out the didgeridoo in the physics lab. The album 'Serotonality' is the follow-up to the '94 album 'Out of the Woods', and explodes the musical context of the didgeridoo into realms of retro-funk, psychedelia, trance, and rave culture.

Dreamcatcher cover art

Dreamcatcher is an inspired album (of the same name), featuring unique blends of ambient trance from all around the world. Whirly faves include 'In a Ocean of Joy', 'This is the Time' and 'Life'.

Dub Touch
Dub Touch cover art

'Instant Sunlight' by Dub Touch, aka Ben Fordham, is one of those uplifting carnival tinged tracks that was played regularly at Whirl-Y-Gig during the ;late 90's. The 'House of Jah' mix features on the Whirly Waves Global Grooves compilation.

Earthtribe cover art

Sitar driven tabla beats is the sound of the Asian underground group Earthtribe. Their debut album 'One Earth One Tribe' eventually appeared in 2004 after a ten year wait. Also, various Earthtribe tracks feature on compilations: Sitar Funk and Rude Boy feature on 'Eastern Uprising'; Jazting on 'Electro Breakz 4' and The Stranger on 'The Big Chill: Vibes, Volume 1'.

Energy 52
Energy 52 cover art

The Ibiza anthem Cafe Del Mar got a '98 re-release and was regularly played at Whirl-Y-Gig as a finale before the parachute. Its the 'Original Three 'N One Mix' that got played, unmistakable with its trancey beats and midtrack breakdown, before kicking back in anthemic style. And just for the record, Energy 52 is DJ Kid Paul with Cosmic Baby.

E-Razor cover art

'India' by E-Razor is another track that I gave to Monkey Pilot back in 1999. The title track features samples of traditional instruments of India combined with a banging fast trance tune.

Fabulous Five

'Oooh! Aaah!' was a classic Lee Perry reggae tune he used to play early on. Thanks to Jonathan Edwards for this information.

Feel Good Productions
Feel Good Productions cover art

'The Feel Good Vibe' was a funky sitar driven tune that featured regularly on the Whirly playlist from 2001 onwards. It was released as a CD single and also featured on the album 'Funkadelica'.


'Another Time' was a slow tribal house tune from the US (on Bottom Line Records) with a great uplifting theme and jazzy breakdown in the middle. Usually played quite early on. One of my all-time faves and still sounds great to this day. Thanks to Jonathan Edwards for this information.

Global Union
Global Union cover art

Global Union is another band inspired by Whirl-Y-Gig. Currently only two tracks have been written ('Rain Dance' and 'Destination India'). 'Rain Dance' is a wonderful ambient parachute track featuring uplifting chants and a sample from the film 'Event Horizon'. It was the very last track played at Whirl-Y-Gig in the last Millenium, and although it's not released yet, it is going to feature on the new Whirl-Y-Waves compilation. 'Destination India' is a new track that got its debut play at Whirl-Y-Gig in April 2000 - its more upbeat than 'Rain Dance', and as the name suggests, it features an ethnic vibe. This is also featuring on the new Whirl-Y-Waves compilation.

Goran Bregovic
Goran Bregovic cover art

A powerful climax to the parachute sets played occasionally during '98 & '99 was a track from 'Time of the Gypsies / Kuduz'. It's a film score by Goran Bregovic for the 1989 films of the same names, and the track in question (Ederlezi) features a melancholic solo sang by a child, backed up by a spine tingling choir singing the powerful climax to the track. Unusual and very dramatic!

Groove Armarda
Groove Armada cover art

Groove Armada are Tom Findlay and Andy Cato. The sublime 'At the River' was played once as a pre-parachute track, whilst the feel-good, ragae crossover of 'But I Feel Good' from the 2002 Love Box album is a regular peak time tune at Whirly during 2003 along with 'Superstylin' from the 2001 Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub) album. Late 2004 saw the first airing of a bootleg of 'Superstylin' titled 'Stylin in Jakatta', which is a more trance orientated mix combining Jakatta's 'The Real Life' with 'Superstylin'.

Chant cover art

Sweet Images is a track I gave Monkey Pilot recently and is now a Whirly anthem. It features on vinyl in a series known as the 'DJ Tools' and also as a CD single, with remixes from DJ Sakin and Der Dritte Raum. However, its the fabulous Kay Cee remix that hits the spot with steel drums and Gaelic sounding vocals.

Children of Dub
Children of Dub cover art

Children Of Dub is the brainchild of former Zero Gravity member Luke Eastwood. They played their live debut at Whirl-Y-Gig in '93, and released their debut album "The Silent Pool" on Diversity records in '95. Following two EP's, "Nemesis" and "Transcendental", CoD signed to Magick Eye Records to release the "Adrenochrome" EP and their second album, "Chameleon". A limited edition EP "Greed" featuring David Reilly on vocals and their latest acclaimed album "ESP" was released in '97, followed by the trance EP "Nemesis/Rhythm Of Life". Since Rhythm Of life they released "Analog Meditation", a mixed compliation for USA/Canada/Japan which is only availaable in the UK by import. They released "Feeling Has Gone" as a limited 12" and "Digital Mantras for a Fucked up World" as their 4th album in '99.

Chocolate cover art

Everybody Salsa and Ritmo De la Noche were both cheesey classics back in the Shoreditch days. Both tracks were covered by Click2, and Ritmo Del Noche was also covered by Mystic. Ritmo Del Noche was revamped in 1999 by the Bassbumpers and is now played regularly at the Camden Centre.

Click2 cover art

Click2 also produced versions of the early 90's Whirly classics Everybody Salsa and Ritmo De la Noche, both of which can be found on the 'Dance Traxx Vol. 1' compilation. The original versions were by 'Chocolate'.

Cosmic Baby
Cosmic Baby cover art

German trance/ambient Cosmic Baby are responsible for the wonderful Loops of Infinity and Fantasia (both are singles from the album 'Thinking About Myself'). Cosmic Baby also contributed to the original mix of Cafe Del Mar by Energy 52 and also wrote the original version of 'Liebe' that has been reproduced by Ayla.

Cry Sisco!
Cry Sisco cover art

Afro-Dizzi-Act is another oldie favourite at Whirl-Y-Gig ; Uplifting, bouncy and very catchy.

Deep Forest
Deep Forest cover art

The ambient dance magic of Eric Mouquet and Michel Sanchez's Deep Forest has been played at Whirl-Y-Gig ever since its doors first opened. Favourites include Deep Forest, Sweet Lullaby and Apollo 440's remix of Forest Hymn (on the "World Mix" album).

DJ Panda
DJ Panda cover art

"It's a Dream" is a storming, uplifting German trancer that I gave to Monkey Pilot recently. It got its first airplay at Whirly in September '99.

DJ Taucher
DJ Taucher cover art

Germany's wetsuit fetish DJ has recently spawned a couple of huge hits, which are getting a lot of airplay at Whirl-Y-Gig. 'Child of the Universe' features on many recent ('99) trance compilations, as a 12" on Additive Records and available as a CD single in Germany. 'Nightshift', a collaboration with Talla 2XLC, is an awesome trancer that I recently gave to Monkey Pilot and is now a regular track on his playlist.

Dreadzone cover art

Dreadzone are the masters of dub/ techno/ drum 'n bass dance music, bridging the dividing line between dance and chart music. Some of their best material includes Fight the Power (on the Maximum EP), Captain Dread and the brilliant album 'Second Light'. They played live at Whirl-Y-Gig at the '96 Reading WOMAD festival and then again at WOMAD 2001. Return of the Dread is a regular on the Whirly play list, taken from their latest album 'Sound'.

Dumonde cover art

A powerful end of night trancer back in 1999 was 'I can see the Light' by Dumonde, released as a CD single. More recently 'God Music' featured as the end of night hard trancer (also a CD single).

Eat Static
Eatstatic cover art

As a splinter group from the Ozric Tentacles, Eat Static specializes in uptempo, spacey trance-techno, with some Eastern elements. Their earlier albums on Planet Dog, 'Abduction' and 'Implant', combined with the excellent EP 'Lost in Space', feature some of their best material. The Sasha remix of Gulf Breeze is a Whirly oldie. A third album titled 'Science of the Gods' has been released on Planet Dog along with a live album ('B-World') featuring exclusive Eat Static tracks.

Fatboy Slim
Fatboy Slim cover art

Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim, started out as the bassist for the 80's brit-pop band, The Housemartins. From there he formed the dub heavy band Beats International, and has also recorded under the pseudonyms Freakpower, Mighty Dub Katz & Pizzaman. But his real success has been as Fatboy Slim with the recent album 'Better Living Through Chemistry' and a string of chart hitting singles. Funk & soul, twangy surf guitars and banging acid beats combine in an addictive formula that's not just aimed at the dancefloor. Don't miss the Whirly fave Everybody Loves a Carnival, which is a remix of 'Everybody Loves a 303'.

Fluke cover art

Fluke (Jon Fugler, Mike Bryant and Mike Tournier) are the pioneers of electronic dance, although their fame has never quite tipped the likes of the Prodigy or Underworld. Their earlier material crossed the boundaries of pop and electronica, whilst their trancey, chugging, jigging & bouncy album 'Six Wheels on my Wagon' shot them to fame along with their remixes of Bjork's Big Time Sensuality and Violently Happy. Fluke Whirly oldies include Groovy Feeling, Electric Guitar and Bullet.


Fun'Da'Mental have been on the cutting edge and breaking new ground since they began in 1991. Fuelled by the same ethos as Public Enemy, smashing down 'stereotypical' theories and causing mental confusion, pushing two or more opposing concepts and making something new, transforming and recreating musical ideas. Sampled political speeches from historical figures such as Malcom X, Louis Farrakhan or Mahatma Ghandi merge with layers of Zikar, Qawali music, African folk, Aboriginal, all held together by the driving force of hardcore hip-hop beats.

Funkryders cover art

Ever wonder what that remix of the Doors classic Woman of Angels was? Well, its produced by the Funk Ryders and remixed by Quo Vadis. The actual mix is titled the Quo Vadis Dub and only features on the 2001 vinyl release on Manifesto Records, being annoyingly absent on the CD single release.

Global cover art

Global are a five piece band mixing techno grooves with earthy didgeridoo and trance atmospherics. The group, based in Dartmoor, is led by Nigel Shaw, a flute playing, percussion-banging pioneer of ambient music. Global have released three albums on their own Seventh Wave label and have worked on an album of remixes of the Seventies Gong classic 'You' - other featured remixes included The Shamen, 808 State and Steve Hillage's System 7. In 1998 they played on the Whirl-Y-Gig dome stage at the Rivermead WOMAD Festival in Reading.

Glow cover art

Glow are a relatively new band, formed in '95, and since have played numerous live gigs, including Whirl-Y-Gig, Megatriplois, Glastonbury and WOMAD. Their music is a unique blend of global beats ranging from ambient to moderate paced global trance, fused with English and Portuguese lyrics from the stunning lead singer Maria Joćo. The result is unmissable, undoubtedly uplifting and positively vibrant. Radiating warmth and good vibes, GLOW are a new star in the global music circuit. GLOW have produced two albums which feature many Whirly faves, which are '...Almost Forgetting to Breath' (CD-R album) and 'Unvailable at all Good Record Shops' (tape only demo album). Both can be purchased from directly from GLOW.

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