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Psychedelic Drum & Bass? Rolling Ambience? How can you start to describe Cosmic Voyage? Tranced out, trippy shit, with beats, is a reoccurring theme that has followed the Cosmic Pilot around for most of his life. Early years spent around the original Free Festivals, promoting and playing spacey gigs, Environmental Campaigning and alternative lifestyles have given Cosmic Pilot a wide variety of musical influences, which can be found if you listen carefully.

Cosmic Voyage originated shortly before playing analogue ambience at Glastonbury's New Age Dome in 1992 (with 3 SH101s). In 1996 the Cosmic Pilot was swept away on a wave of midi and stumbled naturally into drum and bass.

Cosmic Voyage spent the next three years doing what they love the most, transversing time and space to play as many music festivals as they could beam into. Momentum and personnel gathered as they played the likes of Glastonbury Green Fields and Avalon Stages, Strawberry Fayre, Frome Festival, Beach (Lizard) Festival, Orchardton Arts Festival (Dumfries), Portsmouth's Music in the Square, Northern and Big Green Gatherings. Marc Eva (Flute) and Rashid Iqbal (Dub Poetry) became part of the Cosmic Crew, whilst other friends gained on our travels became special Cosmic Space Jammers, including Margi Clarke, Captain Sensible, Ecotrip's poet, Steven and Kev & Andy (Dr Brown).

Things then began to take off as the first studio recording, Acid Radio was released on Neo Music's compilation of Wasted Liverpool Talent: Now What Kind Of Music Do You Call That? put together by Timeshard, Ism, Q and many more. Acid Radio was played heavily during Whirl-Y-Gig's climax (The Parachute Set), and on Paul Berry's Free Range Heads (evening) show on Liverpool's 107.6 Crash FM.

Cosmic Pilot then took over the airwaves of Liverpool on Crash for a regular slice of Tranced out, trippy shit, with beats with his Planet Earth Radio Show, hosted by Paul Berry, as he had previously worked with Paul, Janice Long and crew on Crash's original broadcasts in 1995.

After a packed gig at Liverpool's Zanzibar Club (courtesy of the Wasted Talent crew), Cosmic Voyage spent the winter of 98/99 rebuilding itself with a new and amazing digital format. Summer 1999 was another busy time with Glastonbury, Megadog Eclipse Festival and Northern Green Gathering. 8 Cosmic Voyage tracks were released on Rumour Records 'Drum & Bass 2000 Vol. 2' as disc 2 of a 4 disc set, which was distributed in shops across the UK, and sold over 3,500 copies.

Winter 99/2000 Cosmic Voyage yet again took on a new direction in a dubby world music stylee, with the departure of Rashid (to travel) and the arrival of Nicola Latham (super feline jazzy vocals), Gopal Birdy (Dub vocals, poetry, Tabla, Dholak, Sitar and a wide range of other instruments) and Phil on tabla, shenai and zurna. Simon & Gopal played to a sold out gig in Liverpool's Zanzibar Club, which went so well that they were offered a monthly residency. It was their most rocking gig to date, after which they were offered gigs in New York & Toronto! On the 1st April 2000 Cosmic Voyage made their debut appearance at Whirl-Y-Gig, playing the legendary parachute set. Hold on tight. Cosmic Voyage is flying.


Compilation: Now What Kind of Music Do You Call That? Vol.1

Now What Kind of Music Do You Call That? Vol.1

Track Listing:

  1. Aka Alias - Titled
  2. Wheres the Beach - Universe
  3. Q - Layin' Low
  4. Timeshard - Forget
  5. Ism - Fullmescalracket
  6. Hyperborea - Ansiue
  7. Atom Ghost - Alpha Control
  8. Bom - Wormworld
  9. King Canary - Ambideadly
  10. Cosmic Voyage - Acid Radio

Released 1998 on Nebula Entertainment Organism. Finely cut breakbeats and shifting rhythms percolate through super-real atmosphere in this first collection of 10 original tracks taken from the lectronic underground. Full of melodic abstraction and pre-millenium tension, these genre twisting tunes have been engineered with the psychoactivated listener in mind. Featuring the sublime 'Acid Radio' by Cosmic Voyage, which is a fantastic journey through spaced out drum and bass. It's a firm favourite of mine and one that gets played a lot in my chill out sets. Worth getting this compilation for alone.

Compilation: Drum 'N' Bass 2000 V.2

Drum 'N' Bass 2000 V.2 Drum 'N' Bass 2000 V.2 Drum 'N' Bass 2000 V.2

Track Listing:

Disc 1:
  1. Growlab - Planet X
  2. Jamhead - Limpet
  3. The Honey Monkeys - Goodlife
  4. Pleasure Field - Sun Dance
  5. Organ Grinder - Beat It
  6. Time Phaze - Lick it Down
  7. Freq - From Russia with Gloves
  8. Jamhead - Skunk the Funk
Disc 2:
  1. Cosmic Voyage - Fragile Eternity
  2. Space Cow - Space
  3. Cosmic Voyage - Silent Spring
  4. The Pilot - E-Bow Sunrise
  5. Spock's Ears - Then Make it so
  6. Nuclear Winter - Pohkran-in-Dub
  7. Gaiatronics - Big and Green
  8. The Pharmers - Skunkdrift-in-Dub
Disc 3:
  1. Mind Control - Electronic Brain
  2. Drum and Bass Heads - Future Funk
  3. Bass Meditation - Skydiver
  4. Third Eye - Drum and Space
  5. The Pot Heads - Reflective
  6. Dr Psychedelic - One Long Cool Smoke
  7. Agent Purple - Artificial Intelligence
  8. Euphoria - The Owl Watches
Disc 4:
  1. ALC - Equate
  2. Bucket Bath - Quiet Soak
  3. Liquidcore - DJ Dunmaster
  4. Tazor - Spooky
  5. Heliotrope - The Book
  6. Aggro Generator - Free Tibet
  7. Terminator 2 - Ego Whip
  8. Sid and Ollie - Mind Enema

Released August 1999 on Rumour Records. The whole of disc 2 is produced by Cosmic Voyage.

Album: Arms Folded Stares Ahead Disappears Through a Hole in Reality

Arms Folded Stares Ahead Disappears Through a Hole in Reality

Track Listing:

  1. The Doppler Shift (5.10)
  2. The Spy (6.19)
  3. CosmicDub (5.07)
  4. Smash it up Remix - The Damned (8.58)
  5. Disappears Through a Hole in Reality (7.21)
  6. DMT Radio (7.32)
  7. Changes (6.01)
  8. New Thunder - Sumasaults Mix (8.41)

Released summer 2002. Written and produced by Si Mansfield. Vocals on track 2 by Nicola Latham. Sitar on track 2 by Phil Cosmic. Thanks to Si Mansfield for the copy of this album. I bumped into Simon at the Big Green Gathering in Cheddar in July 2002 where he was playing a live Cosmic Voyage set. I was more than pleasantly surprised by the set he played which got the whole tent rocking. The set is is essentially the contents of this CD, featuring a range of upbeat trance and trancey drum and bass tunes that edge towards psy-trance territory.

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