The Amazing Preparation that Goes into Major Music Festivals

music festivalThe amazing preparation that goes into major music festivals would leave a lot of people stunned. Indeed, the members of the grounds crew who make this possible in the first place could be considered the unsung heroes in the background, given the importance of what they do for all of the music fans that are gathering around outside. It is widely known that lots of people are going to just show up sitting on a blanket when they get to the major music festivals, which is why it is so important for the grass to be relatively clean and presentable. The grounds crew and the people who are running and organizing the festival are more than aware of this, and they plan accordingly.

For one thing, there’s a lot of extensive cleaning where the grounds crew make sure that all of the trash and waste has been removed from the outdoor sitting area. Open areas like this tend to attract people who litter. Then, the grounds crew will do some extensive lawn mowing in order to get the grass down to a more manageable size. This means they usually pour over zero turn mower ratings and reviews months before preparation time so they can update their equipment if necessary. Doing this is crucial to ensure their efficiency during the preparation stage because time is of the essence.

Even if the grass was relatively short to begin with, this is one of the most important steps. The grounds crew will water the grass early on, since the water is going to need to evaporate and get absorbed into the soil before the visitors get there, but the grass still needs to look presentable and well-nourished.

The grounds crew is often going to have to deal with acres and acres of land in preparation for a music festival, given the number of people that these can attract. They’re going to have to clean and mow a huge land area in order to make the place suitable. They might even help the organizers with setting up the signs or the right directories around the grounds while they’re at it. However, people would notice right away if they did not perform their other responsibilities.

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