What Are the Best Electronic Music festivals in the UK This Summer?

What Are the Best Electronic Music festivals in the UK This Summer

What are the best electronic music festivals in the UK this summer? Anyone that is interested in this type of music should have no problem finding a festival that suits their particular taste, as there are several festivals throughout the country that are held each summer. The overwhelming majority of festivals focus on music such as bass and house, effectively allowing DJs to create some of the most astonishing electronic festivals anywhere in the world. Without a doubt, the ones that exist in the UK are easily capable of rivaling any other electronic music festival, regardless of where it is held.

For starters, there is Groove Loch Ness, a relatively new music festival that is just going on its second year. Despite the fact that it only has one previous festival under its belt, this is an event that focuses heavily on guitars coupled with music that is second to none. In addition, it has a view that most people would die for. The fact that it is held at the famous Loch Ness only serves to increase its level of popularity.

Next, you might choose to attend The Social Festival, a late-summer event that is a combination of house and techno held in the famed countryside of England. Alternatively, you might choose the Eastern Electrics event, an underground bass and house rave held at Hatfield House. If you really want something that is known throughout the world, consider visiting Electric Daisy UK. That’s right, the same Electric Daisy event that is held in Las Vegas is also held in the UK at the Milton Keynes Bowl. The things that make it special are spectacular staging and lots of acts to choose from.

Last but certainly not least, is Creamfields. This is easily the oldest event in the country and it is also considered by almost everyone to be the most prestigious electronic music festival in existence. There are literally hundreds of artists to perform there every year so if you are interested in hearing the best music and seeing the best artists around, consider making the trip to Daresbury for Creamfields this summer.

You see, there are dozens of EDM festivals in the UK to choose from, all of which are certainly top notch. So it shouldn’t be as hard as say, choosing the right appliances for your home. For that you would need help from websites like BestSpy so you can read reviews that can help you come to the right decision.