Which trance DJs should you be listening to in 2016?


Which DJs should you be looking out for in 2016EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is easily the hottest style of music right now, and it is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

More and more people are checking out EDM festivals than ever before, more and more people are downloading these tracks than ever before, and some of the world greatest DJs are putting out some of the greatest work they never released.

All the same, there are definitely some trance DJs that are head and shoulders above the rest of the pack.

If you’re only going to pay attention to a handful of trance DJs in 2016 (or if you want to make sure that you’re able to check out at least a couple of these artists live in 2016), you’ll want to start with the DJs that we highlight below.

Armin van Buuren

Consistently ranked the number one DJ on the planet, it seems like Armin is always on tour in some crazy exotic locale, bringing his music to his fans and throwing some of the wildest parties at the same time.

This is a man that knows how to use DJ mixers to come out with amazing EDM, and a man that knows EXACTLY how to have a good time. If you’re lucky enough to check out one of the festivals that Armin performs at in 2016 you’re in for a real treat.


Not exactly the newest kid on the block by any stretch of the imagination, this is maybe the one DJ that really brought EDM into the mainstream and is certainly its most recognizable superstar.

A top DJ for years and years now, not only has Tiesto been able to pull down incredible sales numbers with his music, but he’s also been able to sell out entire stadiums, rock parties nonstop, and even open up for the Olympic Games.

You can’t go wrong with a Tiesto show.

Paul Van Dyk

Grammy nominated trance DJ Paul Van Dyk is a major pioneer in the world of the EDM, constantly reinventing his sound while broadening the scope of what trance music has to offer. This is a man that understands exactly what the EDM scene once before they even know they want it, and it’s led to groundbreaking acts and festivals that have changed the landscape of EDM completely.


You’ve never enjoyed everything that a truly visceral EDM Festival has to offer unless you have checked out one of the Deadmau5 shows.

The atmosphere is always over-the-top (so are the costumes and pyrotechnics), but at the core of these shows is some of the best trance and EDM music you’re ever going to hear. These definitely aren’t the least expensive tickets you will come across, but this is the kind of festival that you’ll never forget.

Markus Schulz

Touring all over the United States this summer, Markus is still the “resident” at Amnesia in Ibiza – the biggest global party you’ve ever seen!

Internationally known as THE global DJ, he is a leading force in the world trance and EDM and certainly one of the musical acts that you’re going to want to pay a lot of attention to in 2016 and beyond.

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Why Trance Music is the Best for Working Out To

Why Trance Music is the Best for Working Out ToTaste is subjective. However, a lot of people do believe that trance music is the best choice during workouts. If you want to find great music to listen to while you exercise, learning about what trance is and how it promotes a positive experience during workouts will be helpful.

We’re here to share some facts about this exciting and ultra-modern form of music.

What is Trance Music?

This type of music is electronic and it was first created in Germany during the 90s. When you listen to real trance music, it will feature a tempo which ranges between one hundred and twenty-five and one hundred and fifty beats per minute. In addition, you’ll find that parts of the songs repeat quite often, with a mind to building tension.

Each song will usually have a couple of repetitive “peaks”. While trance is a distinct style of music, it has things in common with other forms of music, such as house music, techno music and classical music. Trance is quite ambient and it’s perfect for chilling out. However, since it helps the body and mind to focus, it’s also a great choice for workouts.

Since a non-music trance is all about elevated consciousness, this music got its name because it helps to produce a trance state. This means that the music has a hypnotic element. If you want music which helps you to concentrate on exercise and get better results from exercise, you may find that trance music helps you to push through plateaus.

Choose from instrumental trance or trance with vocals in order to get the effect that you want. One smart option is to create a playlist which includes both types of trance tracks. There are thousands to choose from. It’s possible to find tips on what is great by looking up trance music at YouTube or visiting message boards where trance music fans meet in order to talk about this genre of music.

How to Work out With Trance Music

Trance music may be put on a stereo at home, if you’re into mood music while you workout on your weight bench. However, you may also listen to it via earbuds which are attached to your smart phone. This means that you can take trance wherever you want exercise, from a run along a local road to a gym or what have you.

Workouts vary a lot in terms of type and variety. While you may wish to change it up once in a while, you’ll find that trance music is an exceptional choice for an array of exercise styles, from Pilates to Yoga to running and beyond. It may not be right for team sports, though, as it’s designed to focus the mind inward and create a hypnotic effect.

Now that you know more about why trance music is such a great choice for exercise, you’ll be ready to move forward and make the most of your workouts. You may find yourself turning to trance at other times, as it’s such an appealing genre and it’s great as background music for dates, while you read and relax or as you take care of housework at home.

You’ll Love Listening to Trance

Once you’ve discovered the hottest trance artists, be sure to share their great tunes with your friends and family via social media. You should also be able to share your workout playlists if you want to – there are lots of interfaces which allow users to share their playlists with others via the world’s most popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

So, why not make a great playlist for workouts today?

Going to the SW4 Festival? Read this for tips on the best way to recovery after a day of partying!

After a Long night at London’s SW4 Festival, What’s the Best Way to Recover?

sw4The SW4 festival is a London music festival and it offers so much energy, talent and excitement to attendees. However, since it’s often a wild weekend, those who attend need to plan on resting up when they get home. The best way to ensure total recovery from this fun special event is to spend some time resting.

The key to accessing deep and healing rest is sleeping on a high-quality mattress, such as a design which features memory foam. The more supportive and comfortable a mattress is, the better, and most people don’t realize just how important it is to sleep on a good latex mattress.

Create Good Bedtime Habits

So, try to avoid dozing on your couch after the festival, while Netflix plays in the background. Instead, create healthy bedtime rituals, such as having a cup of soothing Chamomile Tea and then putting on some nice, clean pajamas. Unplug all of your electronic toys at least an hour before you go to bed. When we look at display screens before bed, it interrupts our brain patterns and makes it harder to accessing the deep sleep that we need.

It’s smart to make your bedroom a no-electronics zone. At the least, you should shut off all display screens and multimedia devices an hour or two before you retire. As well, make sure that you’re sleeping on clean sheets and that the room is at an optimal temperature.

Proper nutrition after the festival will also be important and promote better rest. If you drank during the festival, and this is quite common, you’ll likely be rather dehydrated when you get home. The key to boosting fluid levels in your body and restoring good health is drinking lots of pure water or herbal tea.

Avoid having too much coffee, as coffee contributes to dehydration. Instead, focus on tea or water and be sure to eat some healthy food, such as an organic salad or lean protein and vegetables. A good yogurt with a probiotic will help you to fight any tummy upset which is triggered by eating fast food during SW4.

It’s all about restoring balance with rest on a great mattress, hydrating your body and making sure that it gets the vital nutrients that it needs. While it may take a few days to feel completely rested, especially if you slept very little and partied during the festival, you’ll eventually feel like your old self again.

Looking for some awesome beats? Listen to Tempted by Markus Schulz!