Perfecto Presents – Another World by Paul Oakenfold

Paul Mark Oakenfold

Paul Mark Oakenfold is an English trance DJ and record producer. In the years 1999 and 1998, Paul Mark Oakenfold has been voted as the best and #1 DJ by the popular DJ magazine. He is born in London, England. His genres include film score, big beat, breakbeat, Goa trance, trance, acid house, and Electronica. The occupations of Paul Mark Oakenfold are chef, record producer, actor, remixer and disc jockey. He is experienced in two instruments. They are turntables and synthesizer. He has been active in trance music since 1980. His latest trance music album is Perfecto Presents – Another World. It is said to be the twelfth album under DJ mix category. The popular electronic music producer has released the album in the year 2000.

It is the second part of the Perfecto Presents series. Paul Mark Oakenfold has released a collection of DJ combination albums. It was released under the Oakenfold label theme – Perfecto Records. The producer and compiler of the album is Paul Mark Oakenfold. The length of the album is 148:27. The length of the disc one is 74:51. The length of disc two is 73:36.

The album has the progressive trance sound of Oakenfold. It looks like a return of Goa trance sound. The album became popular since he familiarized with Perfecto Fluoro (1996) and the Goa Mix (1994). The album features eclectic collection of music genres. It has music from Led Zeppelin remix song, Dead can Dance song from the band of the ethereal wave and film soundtracks. The album has received mix reviews and votes from the critics. It was released at the right time where it became the largest selling album – DJ music category in the United States. It also reached the top fifty charts in the chart – Top Electronic Albums list.

Paul Mark Oakenfold enjoys playing and composing Goa trance style and progressive trance style. He explored this six years before he launched the Goa Mix. The album Perfecto Presents – Another World was released on September 19, 2000 in the Canada and the United States. Sire Records released the album in the United States. The London Records and Sire Records collaborated to release the album in the Canada.

In order to promote and market the music album, a sample CD was launched. It consists of eight tracks that entitles Perfecto Presents – Another World. It is the sample music album launched to create a hype and sensation among passionate music listeners.

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