My Religion Trance by the Pulser


Trance music is highly popular now only in recent year but since last two decades. It is a complex combination between classical music, house and techno. The serious variation break downs and build up and the listeners may experience as they are experiencing emotional rollercoaster. The trance music genre is said to have fast BPM (beat per minute). It is the fast beats that makes the music intense. The majority of trance concerts are held up in dark settings where there will be flashing of laser lights and strobe along with intense bass. The listeners will be taken to the state of Euphoria due to the amalgamation of heavy vibration through the base, fast changing light and rapid beat per minute during the music show. Let us review one such trance track that revolutionized the entire world.

My Religion is a popular classical trance track by Andrew Edward Perring. He is a popular trance remixer, DJ and producer from the United Kingdom. He is presently residing in the Riga, Latvia. He has been residing there since 2009. His aliases are L.T.S, The Trinity Project, Luminal (2), Ija, Astral Effection, and Andy Perring. He made a live music group named The Olmec Heads along with his friends.

Pulser was the name he adopted at later period. He made a great impact whenever he presents on the Trance scene. My Religion was launched in the year 2003. It is one of the best albums played by him. It is highly popular all over the world. It is the popular singles of 2003.

It is said that My religion is the anthem of Godskitchen Global Gathering. It was released under the new label of Godskitchen. He carved a name for himself in the trance music world through several single tracks and music scores. If you have not listened to his track still, then check out immediately.